How to Embed PDF in HTML Blogger and WordPress

How to Embed PDF in html Blogger and Wordpress

We can show our PDF documents through the web if we want. And for this, you need to use a little HTML code. Which is used to embed PDF. This code is very easy to use. So let me tell you how to use this code.

How to Embed PDF in HTML on the website:

You can display the PDF file on any website you want. And for that, you need to embed the PDF file.

1. Upload your PDF file to Google Drive. Then you choose to share the uploaded file.

2. When generating a sharing link, you put that link in the public option. And this time you copy the code of the PDF file from the link.

3. Download the file below. And then you open and paste the (###) hash part. Now copy the whole code. Then you can use it in any part of your website in the body.

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