Top 5 Best Blogger Theme for AdSense Approval free download

best blogger template for adsense approval

Website design is very important for Google AdSense Approve. And if you have a good responsive theme for Blogger, it is much easier to get AdSense approval. And today I will talk to you about the 5 best blogger themes. And you can download these themes for free.

Blogger is one of the best of Google. Where a website is created for free. And income can be made through Google Adsense. It’s basically the same as YouTube but easier than YouTube.
Let me tell you about some of Blogger’s most responsive themes that go a long way in promoting Google AdSense. Then the following list given by me gives detailed information about the themes.

Top 5 Blogger Theme for Adsense Approval:

Details of the top 5 bloggers are given below.

5. Pure APK Premium Blogger Template

Pure APK Blogger Theme is a beautifully designed template. This theme can be used on any type of blog website. And this theme has a lot of speed. Pure APK Theme SEO Optimized. Because of this, the site can be ranked in Google very quickly.

pure apk blogger template free download
pure apk blogger template free download

Any website needs Google AdSense content. And with that comes the need for good design. If there is no place for ad code on your website, then Google will not give AdSense to your site. And for this, you have to use Google Adsense-friendly blogger theme.
You can definitely use this Pure APK Blogger theme. Then it will be very easy to get AdSense approval in your blog.

4. Faster Fast Loading Blogger Template

Faster Fast Loading Blogger theme is a very popular theme. The main reason for this is that it is responsive and very fast. Any developer likes this theme because it is fast.

Faster Fast Loading Blogger Premium Template Free Download
Faster Fast Loading Blogger Premium Template Free Download

Faster Fast Loading Blogger Theme Google Adsense Friendly Template. You can try this theme if you want. This theme can be easily customized or the layout design can be changed.

Google AdSense ad code guru can be easily put ads. So I put this theme number four on my list. You can use this theme if you want to make it easier to get AdSense on your website.

3. SEO Rocket Blogger Template

SEO Rocket Blogger Template is a beautifully designed theme. And I put this theme at number three on my list. Blogger’s theme can be used to create any niche website. And the main reason is that the theme is a very simple design.

SEO Rocket Blogger Premium Template Free Download
SEO Rocket Blogger Premium Template Free Download

You can use SEO Rocket Blogger Template on your Blogger website to get Google AdSense. This will reduce the loading time of your website and will rank you in Google. On the other hand, readers will also get many benefits from designing the theme.

2. LiteSpot Blogger Template

LiteSpot Blogger Template is a beautiful blogger template. My own website was made with this theme. I have benefited a lot from using this theme. And for this, I suggest you use the theme.

litespot premium blogger template download
LiteSpot Blogger Template Premium Version Free Download

LiteSpot Blogger Template is a Responsive Theme. And because of this, you can use this theme anywhere you want. The theme can be customized in many ways. And for this kind of theme, Google Adsense gives a lot of priority to the websites.

You can use the LiteSpot Blogger Template on your Blogger website. And by doing this you can easily get Google AdSense on your Blogger website. And you can design the website as you wish.

1. Jannify Blogger Template

The first theme in my list is Jannify Blogger Template. You can use this theme on any Blogger website. Can be used on any site including Multi Nice website, Single Nice website. It’s a very fast, minimalist, and responsive theme. And if you use this theme, your site will rank and you will easily get the approval of Google Adsense.

Jannify Blogger Template Premium Free Download
Jannify Blogger Template Premium Free Download

I have used this theme on another website. And because of that, I’m getting a lot of benefits. You can also use the Jannify Blogger Template on any news website if you want. The theme has the option to add many categories.

Here I have listed these themes based on my opinion. Here I have expressed my real awkwardness.

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